Monday, 23 March 2015

School's out!

Only three drawbacks to university: 

1. Dissertations
2. Dissertations
3. Dissertations.


I mean, they are also a positive because if you are an English student (hi!) then they are usually not very long. When you get into it, even somewhat enjoyable. Even extremely enjoyable. Especially when they are over, and it is revision rest time!

Rapidly, some advice on writing your dissertation, in one punctuational cloud because listicles are for Buzzfeed:

 be daring with the choice of your topic, switch workplace often (cafes, libraries - not just one cafe, not just one library), be polite to your supervisor, distant and cool to your friends (gotta keep focused). Let me stress last point: make meals into social occasions - it's only three weeks' worth of work if you knuckle down - and see all your friends and party hard afterwards. More: strictly no all-nighters or junk food, speed-read books (be ruthless, skip pages, trust your eyes to draw you to cool stuff), use the word 'I' sparingly but several times, and get a few opinions on the finished thing from reliable people. If you are still up and the clock strikes 2am, sprint to bed. Now.

And for laughin' out loud, wear nice coats man!

Shirt and clutch, vintage
Skater skirt, Henry Holland
Platforms, Dune (similar)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Mornin', Peggy!


It's Pastel Hour

What happens in Venice, stays in Venice - or so you thought, because I haven't posted in a month. As usual, there are reasons for absence, reasons which I will spare you the deets of. Instead, you can look at me dressed like an idiot to your heart-valve's content. Peggy Guggenheim's collection (not pictured) is worth visiting at least for the quality peace-time garnered from the courtyard - packed with greenery and the odd Henry Moore - and from the balcony on the other side of the building, which looks out onto the water. That's if you don't like art, but if you do, plan to remain a good few hours. 

Jumper, poloneck and coat, thrifted vintage
Polka dot trousers, Topshop, thrifted
Flatforms, Dune (similar)
Chelsea boots, Dr Martens