Sunday, 28 September 2008

Fretting over Falke

I can't believe it. A few days back, mum and I were conversing tights and I casually brought up Falke. Just as I finished exclaiming how I am forever lusting over their gorgeous but alas, budget-bursting legwear mum went,'hang on a minute, I'm sure I have a pair!'. Naturally, I was gobsmacked. Yesterday her Motherness presented me with the cream, patterned, snuggly lovelies, a big smile on her face. I asked where on earth she got them and I was even more gobsmacked when she sweetly replied, 'Ages ago, T.K.Maxx sale. And they were £1'. Curtain.

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  1. You look so adorable! :) I love your hair! Especially wit the bow! Awesome :D


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