Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Once a haven, always a haven

If you've had enough of staring at my frizzy hair (please someone recommend something other than straighteners before I cry) and bruised figure skater knees, I understand and won't take it offensively. I will just pretend as though nothing out-of-the-ordinary has occurred and move on to a jollier topic... It is no secret that I have been won over Bicester Village many a time before, and my last visit during the half-term was no exception. As a rule of thumb, we do not tend to spend an awful lot when we go, but rather seek out little bargains that add just that extra touch of chic to an outfit. That is not to say that we never buy expensive clothes at all; sometimes you just see an item where quality and price have kissed and made up and you instantly want to hug it to your chest and never let it go. We usually stick to our firm favourites, but I make an extra effort every time to go somewhere different and unexpected (what made me wait in the QUEUE to the new Ugg shop on Boxing Day, I will never know). I must have been in a bit of a kindergarten mood as I cooed over the sweetest sweeties in Ralph Lauren Kids, and suddenly had the random urge to sneak in to Petit Bateau as well! There's something about childrenswear shops that's really welcoming and "happy", and I always find it a relief to go in there sometimes after particularly daunting experiences at other shops where I cry over unaffordable beauties (£100 for a stunning sample dress at Luella is apparently still too much :(( ) and make myself miserable. It happened that I stumbled across some darling things in there which I will not fail to show you in an upcoming post!

While we were there, I also got this Monsoon cardigan, reduced from £55 to a much more pocket friendly £16, and I absolutely fell in love with the shape, having always been partial to cardigans (I collect them like a crazy cardigan lady, srsly). The light camel colour worked so well with my outfit that I put it on immediately, tag safely hidden by the infamous frizzy hair (SIIIIIGH.) . Unless you are a teenage mutant ninja turtle from a galaxy several light years away on a spontaneous visit to this here blog, you will have seen the Miu Miu collection my dress was inspired by. Having seen it on several blogs, my hopes weren't very high when I ventured into my local Zara to look for it, but there it was... "Comeowme gemeowt meow" were the words I thought I heard uttered by the feline settlement staring at me, and somehow I found myself taking it home. I honestly debated with myself at great lengths whether to return it or not, because of the recent hostility that has been expressed towards outright copies of designer items on the high street. This deserves its own little wee post, so I shall save this rant and end on a happy note:

EXAMS and this week I'm starting my A2 year and it is not going to be fun but zomg, italy in less than uno montho, university open days ARE and something so important that can change my life that i'm reallyreally scared about and come close to peeing my pants every time i think about it will happen soon OVER! Squeee :D

Cardigan, Monsoon at Bicester Village

Dress, Zara

Brogues, T.K.Maxx

Ankle socks, T.K.Maxx

Monday, 7 June 2010

H!enry makes me wanna Run In Fields

Psst: my English Literature exam's tomorrow and I'm supposed to be revising but I'm writing this post instead; aren't I a rebellious creature? To be honest, I've done a fair bit already so a little prolonged break won't hurt...cos' Dina said so. I guess I was just a wee bit too excited to control my desire to share with you the wonderful wonderfulness (English revision gives you such wide vocabulary you become slightly jealous of yourself) that was the Debenhams H! by Henry Holland event...

So the laaarvly folks over at Debenhams kindly let me tag along to a little viewing session at their Oxford Street store of the new H!by Henry Holland High Summer collection, which could only be described as wild'n'wonderful! Prints in eye-wateringly bright colours and unexpected juxtaposition of patterns, khaki/denim galore and basics with a twist all greeted a flustered, frizzy-haired me in the personal shopping area...At first I wasn't too sure on the frenzied colour scheme but probably only because it was all there in one place, but when I started sifting through and saw each piece individually it definitely worked. There were lots of great pieces including some giraffe print leggings, floral jersey blazers, khaki trews and slouchy tees with loud prints, perfect for lazing around on a hot summer's day... The icing on the cake was that we were generously allowed to take home two of our favourite pieces, and after many a dilemma I finally settled on this fun jumpsuit and a maxidress very much in the theme of the current utility trend!

I tried on a size 10 and it fit like a glove, even though I'm more than "blessed" in the, ahem, chest department. The lines in this jumpsuit make for a super-flattering fit, and I loved it so much I wore it to a family outing in a countryside meadow, followed by a friend's barbeque. The photos did not turn out very good I'm afraid, as the parents are still a wee bit rusty with the old DSLR (repeat after me: half press to focus before you take it mum...), you can see more photos here and on Kirsty's adorable blog as she got the same one! It was fantastic to finally meet her, Carina from Carina100, Reena from Fashion Daydreams, Fiona from Save Our Shoes, Amy from Wolf Whistle and of course Selina from Flying Saucer who I frightened a bit when I went "ooooooh, SELINAAAA" instead of a proper greeting (shabby first impressions galore, I'm so sorry!)...

Floral Playsuit, courtesy of Debenhams
Leather plimsoles, Vintage via Rokit
Pastel Socks, gift

Jewel headband, Bicester Village

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Dark, Dark Tale

Lo and behold, my new nightie dress from Topshop. It was on sale and pretty, which justifies an otherwise unjustifiable purchase...anyone else notice the ke-razy pricing recently? I mean, it's always been overpriced, but for the original £55 price tag it could've been made at least partially of a more luxurious fibre than cheapy viscose - i.e. silk. And the sailor coat I bought? All of the buttons have now fallen off; I am now having to force my poor shivering hands to crawl out of the pockets and ensure optimal coat-body connection. And the buttons had pretty anchors *sadface*. Just sayin', Topshop, if you make such lust-worthy clothing at such turn-off pricing, you could at least make it of better quality than Sir Philip Green's doormat. But ho hum, for all I know it could be made of spun gold encrusted with diamonds; of a man who spends $50 000 000 on a b-day bash on the Maldives with a "few" close friends, anything can be expected. Maybe he's bribing good old British Standards Institute to avoid all the quality checks, with doormats of similar nature. But I digress; is it really obvious from this post that I've recently taken my AS textiles exam? I was really frightened of it but it turned out to be an absolute breeeeze of the breeziest variety. Apart from a rather embarrassing moment where I got the care symbols for "do not bleach" and "do not dry clean" mixed up. Even with my cheating when I sneaked a glance at the care label of this very dress..... deary deary. But I finished on a high note (or shall I say, buttonhole) and waffled lots about bloggers and online fashion communitiez and victorian ladies not being allowed to expose their ankles, so it's all gravy. I would show you my final garment but it's plus horrifique, srsly. Maybe just a sketch will suffice, when the coursework gets back from moderation...

It really is a relief to get back to blogging as most of my exams have now been and gone, with just the dreaded English coming up after half term...but never fear, I shall acquaint myself with the darling butchie that is Carol Ann Duffy (or even become best buds) and I am sure I will be a happy bunny in August. Speaking of which, less than 2 months until I sail off to Lake Garda! 2 measly months! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK :D :D

It's been larvly to catch up with y'all, but now I must get back to revision. Pinky promise more outfit posts as this is my free week, hip hip hooray! Oh, and before I go, do you like my new Mulberry Alexa? Just kidding, of course, have£695dustinroundme?never, it's a vintage Freecycled baby and I think it is a worthy alternative. It's an antique and really good quality, wish Freecycle posted those every day instead of chicken poo and nappy stackers (I kid you not)...

Dress, Topshop

Ribbed Tights, T.K.Maxx
Boots, Clarks

Vintage Bag, Freecycled

Pilot Hat, H&M